Family Information

Arriving and Departing

On arrival to the centre please ensure to wash or sanitise your hands and your child’s hands at the facilities available. Adult hand washing facilities are located in the Rainforest room and the Gumnut room bathroom. Child hand washing facilities are located in both Rainforest and Gumnut room bathrooms. Hand sanitising gel is available on the bench of the front office and inside Gumnut room door.

After washing or sanitising hands you can then proceed to your child’s room (either Rainforest or Gumnut) to sign your child in and out on the roll as well as letting a staff member know your child has arrived or departed for supervision and safety purposes.

Also ensure to place your child’s bag in their assigned locker and take it home with you at the end of the day.

What to pack in your child’s bag:

  • Spare clothes including T-shirt, shorts, jumper, long pants, underwear and socks (Please pack extra clothes if your child is toilet training.)
  • Sleep sheets including a fitted sheet and top sheet (cot size) in a pillow case- all children
  • 6 nappies or pull-up’s (if needed)
  • Comforter – if your child has a special toy, blanket or dummies (dummies for the 2-3½ yrs)
  • One piece of fruit to be placed in the baskets provided in rooms

Please remember that UKC provides all meals and beverages so please do not include food or drink in your child’s bag as this can raise health and safety concerns. UKC is also a nut free centre.

Family Pockets

Although we have transitioned into using email correspondence more to help reduce our carbon footprint, we also have family pockets located in the office foyer. Each family is assigned an individual family pocket with your child’s last name. This is where important information is stored for families to collect including permission slips and receipts. Please ensure to check this daily.

Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR)

Are both available for families to help reduce fee payments. Please get in contact with your local Family Assistance office located in Centrelink to find out how much your family is entitled to receive.

Helpful fact sheets on CCB and CCR (from the Department of Education)
Child Care Fact Sheet 2
Child Care Fact Sheet 10


allergy aware centre

UKC is an allergy aware centre and can cater for a wide range of allergies by simply bringing in a letter from your doctor or nutritionist. Through exceptional circumstances where UKC cannot meet the specific dietary requirements of children with a food allergy, provisions can be made for the family to supply their own food in close consultation with the director and cooks with a small fee reduction offered by the management committee.

Please note that in the health and safety interests of all children at the centre including those with known food allergies and intolerances, we do not allow food brought in from home to be consumed at the centre except in exceptional circumstances mentioned above. This excludes a whole piece of fruit or vegetable to be shared for morning and afternoon tea and cakes brought in to celebrate birthdays, however these need to be completely nut free.

We are a nut free centre as we understand this is a common and often serious allergy for small children.

Family Handbook

Our current Family Handbook is available to view as a PDF file.

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