Our Philosophy

Springwood Uniting Kids Care follows the example of Jesus Christ to teach, love, nurture and encourage all children. We understand childhood is about being and each child will be given the opportunity to know themselves, build relationships with others, engage in life’s joys and meet challenges in everyday life without bias.

We aim to provide a caring, loving, family oriented environment for children and their families. The program teaches the biblical principles of acceptance and love for each other, happiness and honesty as a part of the development of each child.

We understand that families are children’s first and most influential teacher and believe that working in partnerships with families and external support agencies will ensure that learning experiences are meaningful. Uniting Kids Care values and seeks family input to the centre and the program through a range of methods.

We believe that early childhood education is very important because children learn more in their first five years of life than any other time and is also vital as children learn by playing. Early childhood is also a time when positive attitudes towards life and learning are shaped. Children develop a positive attitude toward learning if they have a desire and curiosity to learn. Therefore the program incorporates information which is relevant and exciting to the children at the time of learning.

The program is based on the National Quality Framework including the Australian curriculum of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), Early Childhood Theorists, Aboriginal Pedagogy and focuses on the holistic approaches to educating.

The EYLF is characterised by the children’s sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming and includes the 5 Learning Outcomes. The Learning Outcomes are promoted through various activities and teaching methods in order to accommodate the different learning styles and individual needs of the children taking into account their interests. Learning also occurs by modelling positive behaviour that children can imitate and scaffold. Educators are responsible for modelling a Christian example as well as appropriate teaching behaviours and using quality language. We believe that children can build their communication skills, thinking processes and learning potential with positive adult modelling.

The planning for the program is guided by observations of each child and their individual interests, strengths and needs. Observations are written with reflection on the EYLF, Early Childhood Theorists and Aboriginal Pedagogy. Individual assessments including Transition to School Statements are completed and evaluated as a part of the program. Opportunities for success can then be individually monitored which contributes to each child's self-confidence and to extend their learning.

Lessons or experiences are implemented in varied group sizes; this allows for children to develop at their own pace and build their own knowledge, as well as being encouraged to share their ideas with their peers so they have the opportunity to learn from each other.

Children become aware of their communities as they become active and informed citizens in our society, sharing and experiencing a sense of belonging. The children are encouraged to explore the diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition which are used as opportunities for choices and new understandings. Diversity of culture is reflected through the centre and used to enrich children’s lives.

Sustainable practices are embedded into our everyday practices and programming as we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and teach children important life skills on how to look after our planet for future generations.

Springwood Uniting Kids Care is a part of the Springwood Uniting Church and Uniting Early Learning and is governed by a management committee. The management committee consists of staff, parent and church representatives. We aim to cater for both the needs of the children and for the needs of the community and incorporate a welcoming open-doors policy.

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